Started in 1989 by local supporters to provide a hospitable venue for viewing Glasgow Celtic Football matches, the Durham Celtic Sports and Cultural Club has developed into a diverse and welcoming social club that embraces a wide range of sports and entertainment events, while maintaining its base in the Celtic tradition. With a membership of approximately 200 we now provide sponsorship for sports teams and cultural activities for all ages and support many local charities.

In 1996 we moved into our current premises and a great deal of effort and cost was expended on leasehold improvements to produce what is now a fully functioning sports-style bar with room for over 100 patrons. Unless there is a televised sports event or a scheduled function, club opening hours are shorter than most bars, being primarily intended to provide a socialising and unwinding opportunity for the local population and our members after work.
The club is also available for private functions, having bar staff that are fully-trained, paid employees. To cover the day to day operation we have a full time bar manager while the administration is performed by an elected executive committee.

In 2005 we purchased the premises from the landlord with the financial help of our members and continue to improve the club facilities for all to enjoy.


$60  for new members or existing members.

$30 for seniors (65 and over) and who have been members for two consecutive years or more.


Members can join the Golf League and are eligible to play for sports teams and in sports events hosted and/or sponsored by the club.  Members can watch Football Games at a reduced rate.  Members have first choice for tickets to Entertainment Events at the club.  Members are eligible to obtain tickets to home Celtic matches when visiting Scotland.  As a member you can rent the club premises for your special occasion.  Contact Marie McDonald : Tel (905) 434-8538, Email dr.macdonald@bell.net for information.  A small charge will apply for private functions.